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Many sons and daughters had encountered the same scenario at one point, where an elderly parent or loved one decline offers of help because they “don’t need it”. This is a very familiar scenario that others refer to as the “help hurdle”. Most elderly people have a negative notion about an aged care centre, but in reality, it is rather the loss of the feeling of independence and functional validation that is holding them back. According to some clinical psychologists, family members should try to understand and address a person’s fear of getting old, rather than insisting to move into an aged care centre.

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Tips for overcoming a help hurdle:

  • Get to start the conversation early. It is better to be more proactive to get a more calm and productive result, than saying to your elderly loved ones that “it is a health crisis”. It is advisable to ask more open-ended questions and let them speak about how they envision the future to be like. Ask them about issues or struggles that come with ageing, their worries about it, and ideas or suggestions they may have to reduce it.

Engaging them this way teaches them to be more trustful of you and lets them know that you are there to listen. If you are unsure of how to approach or having some challenges in these types of conversations, you can always seek help from a professional counsellor who is usually available at a government-recognised Arcare homestyle aged care centre.

  • Arrange a tour to one of the best aged care centre and visit a friend who is staying there for a more personal insight. With your elderly loved ones, you can talk about how happy and content your friend resident is with living in the facility to stir up interest. You may need to do a little bit of experimentation and be watchful for context clues, so you can have an idea which captures your loved ones’ interest better.

Keep in mind to show a genuine and affectionate approach while being objective. Think as broadly and creatively when discussing options. Show how close it can resemble a home for them. Keep a mental note of what stimulates your loved ones’ reactions and, from there, carefully shortlist what you have observed is to their liking.

  • Suggest a trial phase, like respite care, and get more willingness due to the flexibility rather than “setting the agreement in stone”. Have them try out where they can enjoy a luxurious residential community lifestyle. Let them have a 5-star experience, such as the Arcare aged care centre offers. After all, uniqueness is one of the facility’s core values.

The facility, actually is a proud recipient of the prestigious Best Practice Award by none other than the Australian federal government and has been cited by a number of international award-giving bodies as well. They have been in the business of senior care for 40 years now and are definitely amongst those who can be attested with the credibility in the ever-changing demands of the aged care industry.

There you have it! Though these tips are not a guarantee of a jump over the help hurdles, they are definitely a good start of a trek down the track of the good intentions you have for your elderly loved ones. You may visit for more details.